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Save 80% on salaries with Hire Hero 

We find you employees that cost 80% less than UK equivalents

We find top overseas based remote employees that will save you up to 80% on salaries

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They sourced two SDR's for my company within a week at 70% less
"Peter - Mobili"
My South African remote employees are an amazing fit for my business
"Vikander - Icon Media"
The quality of candidates they source are even better than UK candidates
"Jane - Humm Group"

What's possible with Hire Hero?

We help UK businesses hire top remote talent from South Africa, at 80% less than what it would cost to hire the same employee based in the UK 

Working From a Cafe

Are you looking to grow your team?

What if you could hire talented, experienced employees but at 50% or even 80% lower salaries? Off course you would. Get in touch to learn more 

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Hire the best 
from abroad

Utilise our 10 years of experience hiring in South Africa for our own business

Highly skilled remote talent 

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Untitled design - 2023-11-27T164629.514.png

Offices in the UK and South Africa

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Gain access to the best remote talent abroad

How to work with us

Our approach

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Get in touch and let us know about the role you are looking to fill

We start  screening and interviewing the candidates best suited to your role

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Once we're confident we've found 3 great options, we'll present them to you. We'll then help you schedule interviews with the candidates to choose your favourite.

Upon successful placement of a great candidate, you pay a one-time fee that's 35% of the assumed first year's salary of the candidate. We offer a 30 day guarantee

How much can you save

Lower your costs by up to 80% without any risk

Here are some examples of roles that we have filled

How much can you save
How much can you save

Sales development rep

UK salary: £28,000

South African salary: £10,400

Annual saving: £17,600

Customer service rep

UK salary: £23,000

South African salary: £7,000

Annual saving: £16,000

Computer programmer

UK salary: £45,000

South African salary: £17,000

Annual saving: £28,000

Ready to find out more?

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